I think you're spot on. We can sit and complain that web3 is a scam and that it will not accomplish the lofty aims espoused by allies and enemies alike. But we'll look up in ten years and realize we're living in an internet defined by actions taken from 2015-2025 that we refused to contest out of an aesthetic rejection.

The first web bubble was full of bullshit from 1995-2001. But all of FAANG was founded from 1994-2003, and those organizations came to define our world 20 years on. Web3 will be the same–99.9% of everything being hyped today is bullshit and will fade away, but something will break through and we'll be stuck with it going forward. We can and must understand cryptocurrency now.

If you'd like to read an in-depth explanation of DAOs and a grounded vision of their potential, I recommend this article by Kei Kreutler: https://gnosisguild.mirror.xyz/t4F5rItMw4-mlpLZf5JQhElbDfQ2JRVKAzEpanyxW1Q

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Nov 19, 2021Liked by Hussein Kesvani

The left does talk about it, though it doesn't get much play on Twitter. David Golumbia's short book "The Politics Of Bitcoin" is from 2016, though it's still entirely applicable now.

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